Company mission statement/corporate principles

Koch-CableTec stands for quality, outstanding results and efficient processes.

Our success is based on living common values and striving to meet certain goals. Our goals and principles set the standard and benchmark for our actions and how we treat each other. They are binding for all employees of the company at all times.

Our principles

We are a family business. All employees of the company are willing to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the company through thick and thin.

We are always fair and impartial. Independent growth is crucial to this. Our impressive achievements and ideas speak for themselves.

In everything we do, we are guided by fairness, trust and the ambition to strive towards ever greater things.

Our goals

We aspire to keep customers, employees and business partners happy at all times.

We want to continue to grow. We want to secure the future of our company through targeted investments and innovative manufacturing engineering. High delivery quality is the guarantee of our success; our quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 is an active and dynamic process for us.

Our employees

Our aim is clearly defined in our HR policy. We want our employees to enjoy working for us and to stay with us for a long time. We expect our employees to perform to the same level and observe the same quality standards as the company as a whole.

Job security is a priority for us. We give employees scope for intellectual freedom and creativity and see criticism as an opportunity. With technical expertise, independent work and, last but not least, the motivation and enthusiasm of our employees, we generate market success. The promotion of an open company culture and internal training and development are therefore the cornerstones of our company. We treat each other with openness, mutual respect and fairness and work together to protect our intellectual and material property.

The role of our company in society

As a company we have a social responsibility. We live up to our responsibility for people and the environment. We are conscious of cost in everything we do and use resources carefully.

We develop and manufacture our components and products such that we can maintain a strong reputation on the market for conserving raw materials and preserving a future for tomorrow. We ensure transparency, reliability and openness in both our internal and external communications.