Koch-CableTec GmbH - A highly competitive partner.

In our development centres in Weinstadt and Au St. Gallen, Switzerland, we develop solutions for a large number of sectors.

We are experts in automotive engineering, railway engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical automation and eCAD systems.

We develop sophisticated techniques and technology and secure crucial market advantage for them with innovative approaches.

We will develop your projects, produce the feasibility study for your alternative drive, design your components and projects or fully plan a project tailored to your specific requirements profile.

Our work is where engineering and IT meet. We offer advice, additional capacity, implementation expertise or knowledge transfer for the whole life cycle of your (IT) projects.

raduate engineers, technicians, designers, software developers and research and test engineers consistently monitor the objectives set by you and bundle invaluable skills in all areas. We will adapt to your processes and also help you to optimise your processes. Our specialists are working daily on a wide range of innovations for customers of all sizes from a variety of sectors.

We have CAE and CAD workstations on a large number of standard systems – either in situ on your premises or in our technical offices.

Thanks to our large pool of proprietary software licences, we can also help you with shortages in software, without you having to invest in a new licence when you hit peak order volumes.

Benefit from the transfer of knowledge from our extremely efficient team, benefit from our external support.

Innovative, dynamic, certified by TÜV Süd.

We bundle our competencies in the following sectors: