eCad System

The core competencies of our eCAD department lie in application support and database administration, and in the introduction of eCAD systems in the company.

Our customers come from mechanical and plant engineering, automotive industry, rail transport and aviation and aerospace.

Our range of services include the following tasks:

  • Software consultancy
  • Integration and rollout of software
  • Set-up and maintenance of database
  • Employee training
  • Updating of documents


We will advise you on your purchase or initial deliberations regarding the purchase of an eCAD system. Together with you, we will analyse your needs and select the appropriate system, taking account of all the salient issues, and thus come up with a solution tailored to you.

We will support you throughout the entire evaluation phase until a decision is made on a particular system.

In addition, we will assist you in your discussions with and requirements for software manufacturers.

Similarly, we will still be on hand to help you after rollout.

Application management

We can offer you the service of supporting you as a business application partner. We will offer your department assistance with all problems regarding your tools and will be by your side during the rollout phase, during installation on your test system, as well as once the system is live. Whether it is during the night or at the weekend, our application managers are on the ground and will ensure that things proceed smoothly for you so that you have an uncomplicated live rollout.

We will also be at your side when creating and testing new scripts and macros and will test them both on our systems and on your test system. We will only enable the script on the live system once it has been approved by your developers.

In the case of a manufacturer’s hotfix, service pack or version up, we will check with you prior to installation that all scripts that you yourselves have developed are still running as you would wish or whether they need adapting.

We offer you responsibility, second level support and software manufacturer support from the application during your normal office hours.

Set-up of database

When creating/producing components or assemblies in your new eCAD system, we will assist you with the set-up of your internal company database in accordance with the relevant standards.

We work primarily with attributes so that components can be used flexibly in a wide range of different projects.

Updating master data also forms part of our work. If your meta data is incorrect and not updated, it will not be possible to preclude errors in design.

We will provide your components in data form, including a data sheet and, if required, also with 3D models.

Employee training

After integrating a new piece of software, we will train your staff, but we will also provide other training sessions and oversee training.

We will produce training documents and training units for your new system tailored to your company and to meet your requirements. We will train you with your documents, rather than using manufacturer documents, which are too universal.

Our services also include tracking the success of employees and recording the frequency of training. We will inform you of any anomalies and let you know when training is due. We will take care of all the planning and organisation of your training for you.

We can also provide training in foreign languages. Come and ask us about that.